There Will Be Ink – Beta 3.1 – Sale, Yeti, Tactical Commands, New Sounds

Hey there! There Will Be Ink is now 25% as part of the Steam holiday sale. Also out today is a new update!

This is a small update with a potentially big impact. Players can now order units to hold position (‘h’ on keyboard, press left analog button on gamepad). Doing so will have the current player-controlled unit’s behaviour set to hold position, meaning they will only only move to resupply ammo, and control will be passed to the nearest available free unit. This adds a new level of strategy, as they player can set sentries at well covered locations and then, for example, flank around for a better angle. There are also now icons indicating if a unit’s behaviour is set to ‘hold position’ or ‘defend’.

Don’t forget also that you can call for backup (‘b’/gpad-up) or for a medic (‘m’/gpad-down) as of Beta 3.0, giving further tactical options to the player.

Also added as part of “Jolly Edition” is the yeti. Injured units beware!

Six new death sounds have been added to the pool (at 16 now) along with sounds for holding position and calling for backup or a medic. Check out the full change log below!

New Features & Content

  • Players can order a unit to hold position (‘h’ on keyboard, press left analog button on gamepad)
  • Added new random occurrence: Yeti (Jolly Edition only)
  • Added 6 new death sounds, 2 sounds for hold position, and sounds for ‘call backup’ and
  • ‘call medic’

Changes & Enhancements

  • Sniper rifle now shoots snowballs (instead of white bullet) in Jolly Edition
  • Added icons (next to unit and in player GUI) for ‘defend’ and ‘hold position’ behaviours

Bug Fixes

  • Jetpack units will no longer fly when attacking if in “hold position” behaviour
  • Fixed bug where choosing ‘exit’ from pause menu using the gamepad would exit the battle but then start the first mission of the active campaign
  • Calling medic with gpad no longer also sometimes selects nearest unit
  • Fixed issue on “Out on the River” map (alpha campaign) where river 2 was in wrong position

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