There Will Be Ink – *1.0*

Hello, friends!

There Will Be Ink is now officially out of Early Access! It feels long-overdue and at the same time a bit surreal for me. My goal setting out with TWBI was to make a simple game from start to finish over a few months (hah!) in order to get a better understanding of all sides of the game development process. Months turned into years, as sometimes happens, and in the meantime I transitioned into a full-time game dev for my day job, too (working on Old World, if anyone is curious). Although I stubbornly did all of the design, programming, “art”, music, social posts, etc. for TWBI on my own, I got a lot of very valuable feedback from players and friends along the way. I hope to build a bigger audience with my next game, as I know some great connections are there to be made. That’s not to say that There Will Be Ink is finished finished. I still have plenty of ideas to work through, the rate at which may depend on player interest post-release, but I have a hard time imagining myself ever being fully finished with this silly game, which has proved to be my ten-year-old-self’s dream game and something I quite enjoy in modern times as well.

Thank you to anyone who has followed along and had a chance to check out TWBI in its various stages. I’ve added a full set of achievements to the Steam version of the game, with in-game versions to come (they are being locally tracked for all platforms so will be retroactively made active). Check out the change list below for other changes, and thanks again, everyone!



There Will Be Ink - Official Release - Achievements


New Features & Content

  • Steam Achievements: Added 54 Achievements to the game. I even tested most of them, too!

Changes & Enhancements

  • Added “Windy Trees” display option, to disable trees blowing in the wind
  • Optimized general tree behaviour
  • Reduced time needed to survive “Hold the Line” mission
  • Grouped pre-battle/victory/defeat jingles with sound volume instead of music

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “Blood” setting not working
  • Fixed player names not properly saving
  • Fixed Victory page sometimes being hidden after switching profiles
  • Fixed campaign stats not updating when switching campaigns
  • Fixed fallen trees not going bold (to indicate cover bonus) when player is near them
  • Fixed global/universal kill/streak stats not recording correctly

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