There Will Be Ink – Release Date, New Trailer, Demo

Hello there, Billy! There Will Be Ink is coming out of Early Access on Friday, March 10th (2023, in case that needs specifying)! Here is a new release trailer for the game:

There is also now a demo version of the game, allowing you to play the first 8 mission of the main campaign, which can be found over at indiedb, here.

It’s been a long time getting here, but these are exciting times in TWBI land!

Along with the new trailer is a new game update. I’ve added support for a “Borderless Window” display mode, which may help some who have experienced audio or graphical issues playing with multiple displays. I’ve added a requested option to show unit class names on the battlefield, to make it easier to find what you’re after. Engineers can now chop trees with the new “Lumberjackery” skill, and there have been several fixes as well. Full change log below!

Changelog (Beta 9.3.1)


  • Borderless Window display mode
    • Renamed “Full Screen” option to “Display Mode”: Fullscreen, Borderless Window, Window
  • Game option: “Unit Names on Battlefield” – shows unit class name, disabled by default
  • Engineer Ability: Lumberjackery – allows the Engineer to fall trees with wrench
  • Added stat for trees chopped, counts towards Engineer progress


  • Fixed crash relating to mines and pathfinding
  • Fixed crashes relating to T-Rex
  • Fixed crash on “Lake Frendz” level when hovering over unit in Tactical Mode
  • Fixed mine laying not working
  • Fixed slight hitching when units are approaching target
  • Fixed Jetpack not drawing correctly when unit crouches
  • Fixed Stick Man boss bullets being too big
  • Fixed arrows sometimes displaying at weird angles
  • Fixed notepad holes punching through hero tags on Missions page
  • Fixed timer advancing on “Lake Frendz” when game is paused
  • Fixed progression from one-time intro page going to campaign page instead of main menu

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