There Will Be Ink – – Fixes, Balance, Tactical Mode Additions

Ahoy mateys!
I’ve got a bunch of fixes for this update, as well as some tweaks and additions. The player base has jumped in part thanks to pirates, arr, which at least leads to people breaking things in new and interesting ways, which in turn results in more (anonymous) crash reports when something goes wrong. Thank you to all the players who have purchased the game and given it a try. Please send me an email (hi[at]summitfevergames[dot]com) if you notice any other bugs and I will be happy to fix them.

Also, although the launch sale on Steam is over, the game is still on sale on (includes a Steam key) for a couple more days.


There Will Be Ink - - Fixes, Tactical, Balance

New & Maybe Improved

  • Stick Man boss: Now fires just one rocket, but it tracks its target
  • Stick Man boss: Removed barracks and replaced with paratroopers from boss
  • Tactical Mode (w. Walkie Talkies): Added option to give attack command (click on hostile unit with friendly unit selected)
  • Tactical Mode (w. Walkie Talkies): Added “Defend Position” command (shift-click location with friendly unit selected)
  • Tactical Mode (w. Walkie Talkies): Added graphics to make it more clear when a unit and squad members are selected
  • Tactical Mode: Fixed being able to control units on other teams
  • Non-hero units can now level up above rank 5 in a battle, ie before they become heroes
  • Made Archer/Knight/Militia/Spider available in Map Editor
  • Disabled Grabby Mode when game is paused
  • Updated warning text on Alpha & Beta Missions pages
  • Added metal clang sound when hitting a tank with a sword
  • Restricted illegal characters in Map names and Campaign gen names
  • Fixed crash when unit bleeds out in a barracks and there are multiple barracks
  • Fixed crash when hitting creature or tank with an arrow or sword
  • Fixed crash when unit gets a ridiculous number of kills in a battle and cannot level up any further
  • Fixed crashes relating to illegal character names in map file or campaign name
  • Possibly fixed rare tank crash bug

Other Fixes & Changes since

  • Fixed wounds not applying on leg shots
  • Fixed crash when trying to run with T-Rex
  • Fixed crash when ending a campaign mission with human players on both teams
  • Units who bleed out while in a building are now ejected from a building (Fixes bug where incapacitated units can sometimes be controlled)
  • Fixed mission not ending in defeat when HQ destroyed in “Hot Desert Heat”
  • Added “(No Heroes)” text to missions where Heroes are prohibited
  • Possible fix for rare crash on Stick Man boss level
  • Probably fix for occasional crash on map gen
  • Further tweak to “Hold the Line” mission (added ammo crate in a helpful location)
  • Reduced difficulty of “Hold the Line” (increased units in Barracks, added extra defender)
  • Text fix

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