There Will Be Ink – Beta 5.0.1 – Itch Bundle for Racial Justice & Equality + Update

Hey there! There Will Be Ink is currently part of’s Bundle for Racial Justice & Equality. All proceeds from the bundle will be split between the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Community Bail Fund. In addition to supporting a very important cause during troubling times, you get over 700 (!) games […]

There Will Be Ink – Beta 4.1 – Fancification Update

Hey there! This update is mostly a visual one. Gone are the old, pixelated, mouse-drawn graphics of old. In their place are just short of 200 hand-drawn images, for everything from unit animations, weapons, trees, rivers, rocks, explosions and fire, buildings, GUI items (like magazines, bullets, etc), the T-Rex (of course), and more. The new […]

There Will Be Ink – Beta 3.1.2 – A Big Boring Update

There Will Be Ink - Beta 3.1.2 - A Big Boring Update

Hap-py New Year! I’ve started the year off right-ish by fixing a couple significant memory leak bugs that I’d previously overlooked, along with some smaller bug fixes, optimizations, and enhancements. The memory leak fixes probably won’t be noticeable to those with lots of RAM (except perhaps on long sessions), but players with lower end systems […]