There Will Be Ink – Beta 9.2.1 – Jolly Edition 2022!

Happy holidays and what have you, everyone! Jolly Edition is live now until the end of the month/year. There are a few smaller changes and fixes for this update, and you can expect bigger news in the new year. And who knows, by the time you’re reading this the game might even be on sale!

There Will Be Ink - - Jolly Edition 2022!

Changes & Enhancements

  • Added Evasion, Stealth, and Cover Penetration to unit tooltips in Tactical Mode
  • Jolly Edition: Added glitter to snowballs (for visibility)
  • Removed “Go to Barracks” shortcut at tutorial mission end
  • Tutorial 2: Moved ammo crate position (so that it doesn’t get blown behind notes)
  • Tutorial 3: Increased starting height of flagpole
  • Updated text on mission select for Beta campaign
  • Added title to “Select Campaign” page
  • Moved end-of-battle Victory/Defeat text to bottom right of screen

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ‘Helmets’ upgrade not working
  • Fixed unit quick-select not working in non-camGen campaigns (TWBI, Tutorial, Beta, Alpha)
  • Fixed helmets being drawn behind heads
  • Jolly Edition: Fixed Yeti attacking while game is paused

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