There Will Be Ink – Beta 9.1.3 – Spooky Under The Hood!

Hey there! Spooky season is upon us, so, naturally, for all of October (and the first several hours of November, if we want to be accurate) There Will Be InkSpooky Edition” is back! See all your favourite stickfolk spurting pumpkin juice from their pumpkin heads before leaving this cruel, pumpkin spiced world as tiny ghosts. Also, look how spooky those trees are?

There Will Be Ink - Spooky Edition 2022

There is also a new game update! Though I’ve been working on a bunch of new content, most of it is not yet ready, so this update focuses mostly on some smaller changes and extra modding support. Although, it turns out the mod support is mostly for my own use, as it makes managing units, weapons, promotions, etc. much more easy. It’s just a bunch of numbers in a text file, as much as it can be. I fully reworked the unit promotions system to work that way. A side effect of that is that unit upgrades will need to be re-chosen from the Barracks page. My hope is that this new, modular system will allow for the randomization of unit upgrades from the Campaign Generator, which should help with replayability and make for some interesting loadouts. That’s not yet in place but is coming soon! There’s still one big update I’d like to finish and then it is just more polishing prior to release. After that, who’s to say!

Changes & Enhancements

  • AI: Units will now capture enemy buildings if no other valid targets are available
  • Weapons no longer blend to unit colour by default; reworked existing weapons to use custom colours
  • Weapons are now drawn overtop of Units
  • Fully refactored unit upgrades/promotions
    • Now fully modular and moddable
  • Reworked some promotions to be more general as well as some additional balancing
  • Creatures (eg works/etc) will no longer bunch together
  • Added knockback effect to most weapons
  • Projectiles no longer hit targets at a lower height (eg. bullet firing down from jetpack, and other future weapons)
  • Consolidated how damage is dealt to units (and blood spatter, too)
  • Lots of additional modding options for units (canRun, canRoll, canWound, etc) and weapons ()
  • Added new melee weapon system (WIP)
  • Re-added Tank as a unit type in factions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Campaign Gen crash when faction has no buildings
  • Fixed Ski mission (Double Daffy) not saving victory upon completion
  • Fixed crash relating to custom units in factions
  • Fixed bodyArmour mod setting not working

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  1. Beta 9.1.4:
    A wee update with some fixes and minor changes:

    – Re-added Base unit promotions to Alt units
    – Team3 colour is now fuchsia
    – Hid new units/etc, until they’re ready

    Bug fixes
    – Fixed crash bug on “Laser Worm Dance Party” mission
    – Fixed crash bug on “Laek Frendz”
    – Fixed rare crash bug on squad formation
    – Fixed some missing end-of-battle killed/as stats
    – Fixed boss kill stats being counted twice

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