There Will Be Ink – Beta 9.1 – Fallen Comrades, New Missions, Skiing, QoL

Hey there! Beta 9.1 is now live. This update focuses on several quality-of-life adjustments, new missions, and the new “Fallen Comrades” page, to honor heroes killed in battle.

There Will Be Ink - Ski Backflip

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Fallen Comrades

The Fallen Comrades page can be accessed from the “Campaign” menu. It displays a field of flowers (one for each player death) as well as headstones for any heroes killed in battle. The fanciness of the headstone is determined by the rank at which the hero was killed in battle. Headstones also list during which battles the hero respectively emerged and was killed, number of kills, battles, and victories, and even a small screenshot from the time of the hero’s death.

There Will Be Ink - Fallen Comrades

New Missions

There are 4 new missions this time around, each offering something new. One is a skiing level, while another involves neutral buildings that can be captured and offer a new unit type. Yet another is kind of strange and I won’t say much about, while the last one is just a big ol’ battle, which I guess isn’t anything that new. Sorry, I also wish I wasn’t such a liar.

There Will Be Ink - Ski Level

Up Next

I’ve begun work on the last mission of the main campaign. The other feature I’d like to get in place is the end-screen for when a campaign is finished. That will be used for procedural campaigns as well, as right now things are a little anticlimactic when victory is achieved at the end of a campaign. I hope you enjoy the new content, and please feel free to send any questions or feedback my way. Cheerio!

There Will Be Ink - Mountain Pass


New Features & Content

  • Fallen Comrades – A new Campaign page showing a cemetery with heroes killed in battle. Includes some stats and even a screenshot of the hero’s last moment
  • New Campaign Missions: Double Daffy (ski level), Lake Frends (it’s a surprise!), High Mountain (new unit type), and The Calm (big ol’ battle)
  • Added Neutral Buildings – won’t spawn units/abilities until taken over. AI will attempt to capture as well
  • Added game option (off by default) to save end-of-battle screenshot, either at display resolution or capped to 1080p
    • Saved to %localappdata%/Users/ThereWillBeInk/<profileName>/Campaigns/<campaignName>/Screens

Changes & Enhancements

  • Added Hero stats for number of battles (includes retreats) and victories
  • Tanks now use same pathfinding as other units (much better, but still room for improvement)
  • Added one second pause when loading mission description between missions, to avoid accidental skip
  • Advancing to the next level/barracks/restart now requires holding on button for a half second, to avoid accidental skip
  • Next battle/retry/barracks buttons are once again active when zoomed in at end-of-battle
  • All buildings are now visible on night missions
  • Adjusted end-of-battle message backing and placement (less transparent, no overlap)
  • Adjusted checkmarks (skill progress, etc) to be more visible (black instead of green)
  • Added sound when selecting Hero for deployment with gamepad on Barracks page
  • Made target crosshair location sprite less transparent
  • When highlighting a unit note on Barracks page with gamepad, other notes will fade
  • Changed “Campaign Stats” notes on Barracks page to blue
  • Units no longer get suppressed by flames
  • Mods: Added autoHealWound unit attribute – allows wounds to automatically heal over time

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where heroes would disappear after playing a mission where heroes are disabled
  • Fixed issue where Jetpack units could rarely go prone unless exhausted
  • Fixed gamepad not working to adjust music/effects volume on Game Options page
  • Units who can’t go prone will no longer become suppressed
  • Fixed issue where Heroes could still be killed by lightning (reduces to 10% of current health instead)
  • Fixed possible crash when hero gets kill after battle is over
  • Fixed crash for units with no weapon
  • Fixed bug where victories/battles stat wasn’t counted on Hero’s emerging battle
  • Fixed rank not being up to date at time of Hero’s death
  • Fixed double shadow issue for paratroopers
  • Fixed some placement issues with modded units
  • Fixed issue where tank sprite/facing would flicker at certain angles
  • Fixed display issue with “Hit %” stat on Campaign page for new campaigns

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  1. Beta 9.1.1 – Hotfix

    Bug fixes:

      Fixed occasional crash bug when sandworms die
      Fixed sandworm bites not working
      Fixed sandworm chomper positioning
      Removed debug lines from tank pathfinding (oops!)

    Beta 9.1.2 – AI Improvements, Fixes

      AI: Units will now try to avoid marked (visible + enemy) landmines (and potentially other future dangers)
      AI: Units are better at getting to water when on fire
      AI: Snipers will no longer move to avoid friendly fire (since they cannot friendly fire)
      AI: Engineers should properly put out building fires before trying to repair them
      AI: Improved squad flanking
      Adjusted way campaign progress is saved – should copy over for existing files (may need to exit/restart game)
      Weapon target cursor/sights now drawn while reloading
      Added “Exit” key to end-of-battle buttons
      Added “Hold” underlay for end-of-battle buttons (retry, barracks, etc)
      Made end-of-battle buttons less transparent
      T-Rex can no longer become a hero, at least not in the game
      Disabled heroes on “Min(e)d the River”
      Minor performance enhancements


      Fixed bug where mission progress is sometimes not saved
      Fixed hero-death screenshot position when zoomed in
      Fixed bug where battle wouldn’t end if only AI and neutral buildings remain
      Fixed bug where missions with same name count as being completed
      Fixed end-of-battle stats being semi-transparent and controls unresponsive after retreating when zoomed in
      Fixed three-player missions not ending when player team is defeated (campaign only)
      Fixed mission completion progress getting overwritten when changing game modes and replaying mission
      Minor pathfinding fixes
      Fixed some memory leaks

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