There Will Be Ink – Beta 6.1.1

Hello! Here is a smaller update with some bug fixes and a bit of tank balancing and enhancing. Tanks were previously pretty OP vs. infantry. I’ve balanced things out by reducing the blast radius of tank shell explosions. This change has the added bonus of making tank combat more interesting by requiring a more tactical approach. It’s now harder to get a direct hit, making the aim penalty while moving more significant. AI will now also treat destroyed tanks and tank turrets like other cover objects. Full change log below. Tally ho!


Changes & Enhancements

  • Reduced tank shell blast radius by 40% (less OP against infantry and requires better accuracy against tanks)
  • Tanks and tank turrets now turn into proper cover objects when destroyed
  • Tank turret pops off when tank is properly destroyed (ie if incapacitated first)
  • Made trees much more effective as cover (without needing to be next to them) when not toppled
  • Craters no longer appear on destroyed tanks (or other larger cover objects)
  • Engineer now sets sandbag facing based on their own position when no barrack present

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash bug that occurred when Dino drop is unlocked
  • Fixed crash bug that occurred when Engineer tried to figure out where to place sandbag when no Barracks is present
  • Fixed bug where T-Rex sometimes shot self in head(!)
  • Fixed bug where AI aim was slightly off (especially an issue with T-Rex)
  • Fixed bug where Alt Flamethrower (ie “Flametosser”) flame tank was drawn incorrectly when prone

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