There Will Be Ink – Beta 4.1 – Fancification Update

Hey there! This update is mostly a visual one. Gone are the old, pixelated, mouse-drawn graphics of old. In their place are just short of 200 hand-drawn images, for everything from unit animations, weapons, trees, rivers, rocks, explosions and fire, buildings, GUI items (like magazines, bullets, etc), the T-Rex (of course), and more. The new graphics fit the theme much better. Here is a quick before and after shot featuring a few elements:
There Will Be Ink - Hand Drawn

A lot of the sprites were also re-done at double the resolution, making them considerably less chunky when zoomed in.

In addition to the new visuals, I’ve fixed some bugs that were brought about by the previous update, the worst of which was a crash bug for new games. Sorry about that, new players! See the change log below for a full list of fixes and minor changes & additions.

I’ve also been working on new units and levels, but that is a topic for a future update. Cheerio!


New Features & Content

  • Added 192 hand-drawn sprites for existing (and a few new) visuals
  • Added two new tree variations to the Map Editor

Changes & Enhancements

  • Buildings now use same fire effect as do trees
  • Medics now have a first-aid patch on their helmet
  • Corrected collision box for tree stump (now slightly larger)
  • Shadows now move with trees as they fall
  • Unit behaviour icon is now drawn to right of unit (instead of overlapping with rank on left)
  • Rifle Infantry is now once again unlocked by default

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash bug that occurred when navigating to Barracks page with gamepad (on new game at least)
  • Fixed bug where badges were being displayed in single player regardless of option to disable them
  • Fixed bug where bounding boxes were too large in map editor
  • Fixed bug where tress cast shadows over top of themselves
  • Fixed bug where tree stumps and tops (when fallen) were drawn twice
  • Fixed bug where units were drawn both standing and rolling when performing a roll

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