There Will Be Ink – Halloween Sales, Random Maps, Quick Battles, Overheating, & More!

There Will Be Ink is now on sale as part of the and Steam Halloween sales! In addition to that, there is a new update for the game.. Be sure to check out the game before the end of the month if you’d like to see some of the spooky edition content.

Quick Battle / Random Maps

The main new addition to this version of the game is the new “Quick Battle” option from the main menu. On the Quick Battle page, players can move sliders for the amount of trees and rocks and toggle barracks count and unit spawns. From there the game uses the provided parameters to generate a random map and then launches into battle. Upon exiting the battle, the player is taken to the map editor, where they can edit and save the map if they like. The customization options are somewhat limited in this early version of the randomizer (rivers also appear randomly, but a slider will likely be added for those too), but it’s off to a good start for players wanting to jump into a unique battle without taking the time to manually lay out a map. As with the map editor, the Quick Battle page only works with mouse & keyboard controls at present (though you can back out of it with gamepad using the ‘select’ key)

HMG Overheating

A new mechanic has been added to the game in the form of overheating. Right now this affects only the heavy machine gun (HMG), which is still a little (intentionally) overpowered, but a little less so than before. Once a player starts firing the HMG, a little thermometer will pop up showing the current temperature of the weapon. If the HMG overheats, the player will have to wait a cooldown period until the weapon is usable again. There are of course little heat lines that come off the HMG when it has overheated. Fret not though, the performance of the HMG can be improved with three new heat-related unlockable abilities on the Barracks page:

  • Low Friction Rounds – Reduces the amount of heat generated per shot by 30%
  • Water Cooling – Reduces the overheat recovery time by 40%
  • Heat Dissipation – General cooldown speed of the HMG is increased by 30%

So far AI is responsible enough not to overheat the HMG, but maybe it shouldn’t be. Maybe it shouldn’t be. Also I may experiment with adding overheating to other weapons in hardcore mode, just to be cruel.

In addition to the new HMG abilities, there is also a new Rifle Infantry ability called “Hand-ye-down”, which, when unlocked, allows a Rifle unit to (automatically) hand off their remaining magazines to a nearby friendly Rifle unit. Those are all the big changes. Check out the list below for the full change log. Going forward, I have more ideas than ever for the game. Who’s to say what will come next! (Probably more missions)

New Features

  • Quick Battles & Random Maps – Allows the player to select tree & rock quantity plus barracks count and unit spawns. Randomly generated map can then be edited in map editor
  • HMG Overheating – The HMG will now overheat when fired in rapid succession for a period of time
  • HMG Ability – Low Friction Rounds
  • HMG Ability – Water Cooling
  • HMG Ability – Heat Dissipation
  • Rifle Ability – Hand-ye-down

Changes & Enhancements

  • Option mini-menus for units/barracks/etc on Map Editor now slide to the left when at right edge of page to remain visible
  • Added “Error loading map” message to Map Editor when there is an error loading a map (previously crashed game)
    • This should only happen if a map file has been tampered with or sometimes when trying to load a map made with a newer version of the game than the version trying to load the map
  • Balance: Increased point cost of “Grenade Satchel” rifle infantry ability from 2 to 4
  • Created slightly louder, higher pitched sound for mine ticking

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where player could not advance missions when losing if battle was previously won
  • Fixed bug where smoke was being drawn behind rocks

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