There Will Be Ink – Beta 2.2 – Run Through The (Spooky) Jungle

There Will Be Ink - Beta 2.2

Another week, another update!

The focus this time is on general improvements along with a bit of new content, including a new campaign mission, a new river variation, and new animations and art. Cover now plays a little more differently, in that a bullet is less likely to hit a cover object (sandbag, rock, etc) when nobody is behind it. In a further attempt to set expectations for the game’s difficulty (and to notify players of Arcade mode and unlocking abilities on the Barracks page), I’ve also added an intro/disclaimer page that will show one time at game launch, including for existing saves. I’ve also made Arcade mode a little more arcade-y.

Check out the full list of changes below. Pew pew!

New Features

  • New campaign mission, “Run Through The Jungle”. This is a full-on battle in a wooded area with a forking river running through
  • New river variation added to map editor
  • Added “Go To Barracks” option to end-of-battle screen and pause menu
  • Added “Ctrl + R” to “Controls” page – can be used to quick-restart a battle
  • Added new alternate sprites for applicable weapons for when they are out of ammo (eg rifle missing clip)
  • Added a reload animation. Can be used to tell when an enemy unit is reloading
  • Added intro/disclaimer page that is displayed once, advising the player that TWBI is a difficult game but that Arcade mode can be enabled from the Options page for a more casual experience

Changes & Enhancements

  • In Arcade mode, all units start with a base evasion of -100%. This effectively makes it so that all bullets on a collision course with a unit will hit their target. No more narrow misses. Sim & Hardcore modes remain as before.
  • Adjusted the base cover vs. bonus cover for sandbags, rocks, etc to be weighted more towards bonus cover. This means that a cover object provides less cover than before on its own and more when a unit is hiding behind it. This is meant to simulate units shooting over top of objects when their true target is farther away.
  • Increased the collision-box size of crates, making them easier to activate (eg in the case of resupplying ammo)
  • A sound now plays when selecting new abilities on the Barracks page
  • Pressing ‘Esc’ from a battle launched from the map editor now surrenders by default instead of bringing up the pause menu

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash bug that would sometimes occur when switching units (using number keys) after a battle was over
  • Fixed bug where weapons were drawn behind player highlighter

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