There Will Be Ink – Beta 2.1 – Spooky Edition!

There Will Be Ink - Spooky Edition
There Will Be Ink, so spooky right now.

Spooky Content

There Will Be Ink - Spooky Edition

I’ve added some seasonal content, as it were, to the latest update. For the remainder of October, you may notice the following changes while playing TWBI:

  • All units (except T-Rex) have pumpkins for heads
  • All helmets are replaced with pumpkin stems
  • All trees are burnt out
  • All units emit a ghost when killed
  • Red ink (ie blood) is replaced with orange ink (uh, pumpkin juice?)
  • Some aesthetic changes to the main menu

If those things aren’t to your liking, simply disable “Seasonal Content” from the options menu. But that’s not all that’s new!

Pause Menu

I’ve also added a new pause menu. Whereas previously exiting a battle would destroy all friendly units, the player can now choose to surrender (saving results towards towards unit upgrades etc) or exit (without saving results).

There Will Be Ink - Spooky Edition

Weapon Art Rework

All weapon and tool art has been given an upgrade to double the resolution, for a less pixelated look, which I think works better with the hand-drawn theme of the game. Here is a side-by-side look at the old (not spooky) and the new (spooky):

There Will Be Ink - Old Weapons   There Will Be Ink - New Weapons

The plan is to upgrade player and terrain art as well.

Pro Tips

The most common feedback that I get about TWBI is that it is very difficult and that some of the game mechanics aren’t clear. To address this, I’ve added a new “Tips” page to the main menu that explains such things as Rank, Cover, Evasion, Weapon Accuracy, and Stamina. The game remains difficult, but hopefully the new “Tips” page helps get players on the right track, at least until I can get a proper tutorial in place.

In addition to the major items above, several smaller tweaks, enhancements, and changes were made, and many a bug were blasted into oblivion (aaand possibly some new ones have turned up, who’s to say!). Cheerio!

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