There Will Be Ink – Beta 1.2

Hey There!

First off, thank you to everyone who has checked out There Will Be Ink! Thank you also to those who have provided feedback. It is much appreciated. TWBI is still 20% off until tomorrow (Friday) at 10AM PST.

There is new game update available featuring some tweaks around co-op play, a new campaign mission, a new ability, some new game options, and a few bug fixes and other tweaks. Check out the full changelog below!

New Features

  • Campaign Map: The Retreat
  • Unit Ability: Athletics – increases stamina regeneration by 30% for all units
  • Added two new options to the options menu:
    • HQ Ability Deployment: Can be cycled to be manual/player-controlled (default) or automatic
    • Super Powerups: On by default, but can be disabled in order to remove balance-tipping powerups, like the T-Rex
      There Will Be Ink - Beta 1.2
  • Added “longest kill streak” to end-of-match stats
  • Added a new crater variation

Changes & Enhancements

  • HQ icons display in player colour when player is in the HQ
    There Will Be Ink - Beta 1.2
  • Exiting a battle (Esc or select/back on gamepad) now destroys all friendly units & buildings
    • This shows match stats and also saves campaign progress (for campaign missions) when quitting mid-battle
  • Power-rolling (in Sim mode) can now lead to exhaustion
  • “Longest Streak” stat now tracks how long a player lasts without any unit currently controlled by them dying
  • Notification icon now pops up over ammo crates when players resupply
  • Game camera now takes into account whether a gamepad-controlled player is pointing the right analog stick
    • This helps reduce the amount by which the camera cycles away from the battle in cases where a player is resupplying etc
  • Balance: T-Rex powerup now unlocks after 1,000 kills (can still be placed in map editor)
  • “Rarr” sound plays when a T-Rex crate is spawned
  • T-Rex will only spawn after first two minutes of a battle
  • Added medical crate to map editor
  • Corpse shadows are now slightly lighter (for airborne units)
  • Yellow mini-notes on Barracks page now show other notes stacked underneath when more than one page is available

Bug Fixes

  • Crash when unlocking ammo & medical crate powerups (hotfix released shortly after beta 1.1)
  • Crash when player would enter HQ when no abilities have been unlocked or assigned to HQ
  • “Basic Training” ability was not granting full magazine capacity at start of mission
  • Gamepad-controlled player would automatically select ability when entering HQ
  • Sidearm max clips now also increases with rank
  • Camera now zooms all the way out when a player enters the HQ when there is more than one player
  • “Longest streak” now ignores first two seconds of pre-battle time

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