There Will Be Ink – Alpha 5.1 Update

I’ve released a small update for Alpha 5, appropriately versioned Alpha 5.1. I seem to have made the behaviour of cover a little wonky shortly before the release of a5.0, so I’ve gone ahead and fixed a couple cover-related bugs. While I was at it I worked to improve and expand upon the cover mechanic a little.

Here is the changelog:

  • Bug fix: Fixed bug where bullets were hitting cover too near to the firing unit
  • Bullets now keep track of which objects they’ve checked against and only check once
  • Simplified calculation of where dust kicks up when hitting cover
  • Improved unit behaviour in terms of avoiding bunching together
  • Cover objects now have a capacity for how many units will hide behind them
    • (Capacity sometimes goes over based on how often capacity is calculated; need to tweak)
  • Units will now opt for their second nearest cover if the current one is at capacity
  • Updated Controls page to include ‘zoom’ for middle mouse button

Otherwise I’ve been working on AI behaviour states, and so far so good!

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